Tuesday, 16 September 2008



This is Tessa's cupboard after a grocery delivery. She says she didn't realize how many sweets she'd ordered but I think this is a fair representation. Yes, there are SIX packages of cake, TEN packets of biscuits (cookies), a box of scones, and a bar of chocolate. What you can't see is on the counter another tupperware box of biscuits with 2 new packs in it, and another pack of scones. She gets a food delivery every two weeks and I can guarantee you all that will be left will be crumbs of digestives and rich tea biscuits. I don't understand why my in-laws aren't as big as houses. And I'm amazed I've only put on a few pounds since living here. So far....


John said...

Good photo. Now I know what house to hit for plenty of biscuits.
I could go through that supply in two days.
I have a sweet tooth.

Helen said...

Would you like to swap inlaws!? That looks pretty nice to me!