Thursday, 21 August 2008


Blech. This is a 'pizza' that Sammy made at nursery for Baking Week. It looks pretty normal, but I can assure you it is not. First, they used pure tomato paste as the sauce (ick!!), they then topped it with cheddar cheese, ham, orange peppers, and what we can only assume are, of ALL things - radishes??!! After this picture was taken, it went straight into the bin. Sammy had no intention of eating it, and neither did we!

(taken yesterday)


Little pieces of heaven.

(taken 19 August)


I'm on my way to British citizenship! First, I had to have enough cash to pay for the application (which we'll send off in September). As we recently got a tax refund, we are very fortunate to be able to do this. Next, I had to pass a test proving to the UK government that I a) speak English and b) can memorize a bunch of facts and figures! Having British citizenship will really be wonderful, especially if we should decide we want to move back to the UK in the future. It will mean no more visa applications or fees!

(taken 18 August)


Sometimes the only way to get Sammy to eat is to put his high chair in front of the TV with either Jungle Book or Artitocats on for his viewing pleasure. It just cracks me up how he reacts to some of the scenes!

(taken 17 August)


Judging the sheep at the Skelton Agricultural Show.

(taken 16 August)


Sammy enjoying some raisin bran on the patio in the sun. He's about ready for big boy cutlery!

(taken 15 August)


Our gorgeous Bramble cat. She's such a lady.

(taken 14 August)

Thursday, 14 August 2008


I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who has come along and left a comment since my last plea. A special hello and domo arigato goes to Sean for his message from Japan! Kat, Jay and Vic, it's great to hear from you as well. And Mom, 'bout time you figured out comments!! :-*


So sleepy.

(taken yesterday)


Poor Rooney had to have 3 jabs today!

(taken 12 August)


I'm seeing a physio because I'm not even 40 but feel 80.

(taken 11 August)


Sammy playing with his (second) cousin, Mikey.

(taken 10 August)


Bloody country. Today was the first time I went to AND entered things in a village show. And it absolutely pissed down rain. And I mean pissed. Sammy, Granny, Jake and I got utterly soaked. This is the only pic I took because we just had to give up and go home. And to add insult to injury, none of my baked goods or photos won!

(taken 9 August)


Here is Sammy at our weekly Friday lunch date at McDonalds (Daddy and Jake are there, too). This was taken seconds before he spilled the milk all over himself - a rare occurence actually, he's always been really good with cups.

(taken 8 August)



(taken 7 August)


In my dream world, I am Queen of all things Crafty. I haven't yet found a craft that I really love to do yet despite lots of time and money spent on things. I like a lot, just don't love it. I've always been interested in patchwork quilts so a few weeks ago I checked out this book by Kaffe Fassett and his take on patchwork. This is a patchwork he came up with that ended up not being quilted because it was so pretty with the light shining through it (it's a window blind now!). I love the modern look of it. One of these days I'll have to try my hand at this.

(taken 6 August)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Merry Cloud


Sometimes I can't believe what beautiful countryside we live by. Yesterday was wonderful. We had amazing weather and drove to Pooley Bridge again. The first pic is enroute. The second, Sammy with 'mow mow', his current favorite toy. He pushed (or pulled) it all the way from the car park to the lake. The third pic is Glenn and Sammy wading in the water of Lake Ullswater. And the last pic is a rare one of ME with my boys (courtesy of Grandad). There was just no way I could choose one pic from such a perfect outing.

(all taken yesterday)


'Oh I've got a brand new combine harvester...'

(taken 3 August)


I heart Costco.

(taken 2 August)


Here are my guys at Costco in Newcastle. Glenn would like me to point out that he does have some cool shoes!

(taken 1 August)