Monday, 26 January 2009


'Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore'... no more cute village surgeries. This is the building where the boys' pediatrician is. Ugly building, but great doctor.


Jacob asleep on Amma's lap again. Gotta keep those little hands warm!


Sammy found my bag of Swedish Fish from Ikea!!


Sammy enjoying a rare, warmish day in the garden.


Rooney watching In the Night Garden.


Still life with oranges.


Today was a VERY good day.


Oh dear. Rooney did not have a good day. First he fell off the sofa and got carpet burn on his nose. And then he hit his eye. He looks like a right bruiser!!


Sammy still does 'downward dog'. Here he is enjoying a cookie at the same time. And, yes, that's me... trying it out myself!


Jake LOVES LOVES LOVES to be upside down!


This is the freebie toy that came with a kids Chick-Fil-A meal. I can't imagine may of these are getting finished... the only reason this one came together is due to judicious application of x-acto knife and scotch tape.


Sometimes Roon just falls asleep in the oddest places.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Jake working on his foot skills. Looks like I may end up a soccer mom after all!


I'm a big fan of Dooce, both her writing about motherhood as well as her Daily Style. I was jealous when she posted a link to a vintage children's seller on Etsy that she had bought this cool book from. Imagine my delight when I went through a box of books that we had in storage and found the exact same book! It wasn't mine as a child. Mom thinks it came from the school in Germantown where my Grandmother taught for years. Lots of other cool vintage books in the box, too.


Sammy prefers to climb the slide.


Jake can't even crawl properly yet but already he's cruising furniture and trying to climb stairs.


Today I made The Pioneer Woman's lasagne. It was REALLY good.


Rooney loves balls and balloons. He chases them all over the floor.


Trader Joe's is EVIL.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


What every well-dressed toddler is wearing: his mother and grandmothers underwear and bras... from the dirty clothes basket!!! We didn't know whether to laugh or cry!


We have 9 large windows in our sun room alone. And another 16 in the rest of the house. Plus 3 glass doors. So we thought it might be wise to put that plasticky stuff you use a hair dryer on to help keep the heat in because the house ain't cheap to heat. It's pretty time consuming installing it, but I've done 5 so far. We won't do all the windows, but about half I think. Boring pic, though. Nothing like a picture of transluscent plastic!


I know, I know. Jake eating again. It's just so nice to have one of my kids eat well! Today he had a provolone omelet. Yum!


Amma love.


Today we went to see this amazing train garden in Dundalk. Both boys loved it and Sammy wanted to get in there and play!


New wheels.


Jake LOVES spaghetti.


Sammy loves this dog bed my aunt gave us just for the boys (after she saw the pics of him in Laddie's bed!).

Thursday, 1 January 2009


Mr Potato Head and his Spud Buds wish you all a very Happy New Year!

The Abyss

OK, as promised, I'm going to have a bunch of pics taken between #202 and #203. To hold the space, here are the latest portraits of the boys. Later on, I'll update this post with a link to some others. From today, though (appropriately 1 January), I'll be back on track with one pic a day (I hope!!).