Thursday, 26 June 2008


Foxglove in the garden. I've also heard it called Fairy's Thimbles. They survived the pounding rain we've had lately.


Sammy and his new trike! He's a bit out of it though. He had a late nap which is never a good thing. He just wasn't feeling the love.

(taken yesterday)


This is a big-ass key. Tessa has rotating duty to open the village church and this is the key to do it with. It's about 6 inches long.

(taken 24 June)


This kid has serious Mommy-radar. Jacob will cry when I leave the room - sometimes even if other people are there. This is him after being soothed after a good cry...

(taken 23 June)


Phooey. I kept meaning to take a picture today and just never got around to it.


BBQing Britsh style. Bloody weather.

(taken 21 June)


That, folks, is an olive he is eating! He really wants to like them and this is the first time he ate the whole one. When he first encountered them, he thought they were grapes - I wish I'd had my camera to capture his face when he realized they weren't!

(taken 20 June)


Checkin' out more of the neighbors.

(taken 19 June)


OK, it's a bit silly, but I love this spoon. It's my breakfast spoon which I just *have* to use with my cereal. It's not silver, though it looks it. And it's just heavy enough to feel special. I get very grumpy if someone else gets to my spoon first in the mornings! Do you think Tessa will let me steal it when we move?!

(taken 18 June)


Today we break all sorts of 365 rules! First of all, it's a three-fer. Well, it's my birthday so I can do what I want!

First up, the loverly eggs benedict Glenn made me for breakfast (we forgot to buy regular bacon so had to use the chopped stuff I'd bought for soup). Next, Daddy and Sammy making Mommy's cake. And finally, me and Glenn with my gorgeous birthday cake (and another rule broken as Tessa took this pic!).

(taken 17 June)


Watching In the Night Garden with all the clean muzzies.

(taken 16 June)

Monday, 23 June 2008


Happy Father's Day!

(taken 15 June)


Lovely Nawlins Red Beans and Rice and a salad for dinner. Yum!


Metting the lovely Carolyn B at a pub in Caldbeck. We're a bit up close and personal because my arms aren't quite long enough! Carolyn and her hubby were walking the Cumbria Way. Glenn and I are very impressed and jealous!


Sorry folks. Still waiting to get my laptop fixed. Pics to come - slowly but surely.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Stripey smiles for all!

(taken yesterday)


Up close and personal with the next door neighbors.

(taken 10 June)


Apple kuchen. One of far too many things I've baked lately.

(taken 9 June)


A little summer heaven at Lake Ullswater.

(taken 8 June)


' the car wash...'

(taken 7 June)


Chillin' chillin'.

(taken 6 June)


Sleeping angel.

(taken 5 June)


The first poppy of the summer.

(taken 4 June)


Jake in overalls for a 6-12 month old! He's 15-1/2 pounds now!

(taken 3 June)


Cheating slightly, but the light on the hill behind our house fascinates me so you get 3 pics today. Images taken at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm.

(taken on 2 June)


Glenn's cave.

(taken 1 June)


Making gingerbread.

(taken 31 May)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

A note to my avid viewers... ;-)

No, I have not forgotten about this! I'm taking my photos religiously! But my laptop power cord died and now the laptop is in the shop. I'm dreading finding out how much it will cost to fix. *&^%$ Gateway!

Pictures to be posted asap!