Saturday, 18 October 2008


2 sick boys equals lots of medicine. Any tips on how to make it easier to get them to take it?!


Poor Doodlebug has a tummy bug and an ear infection. He decided Laddie's bed was the perfect cozy place to curl up and wish it all away.


Daddy, Sammy, and Laddie.


I love this site.


Autumn leaves and some of our plethora of cooking apples.


Another obligatory cute feet pic.


Bertie the bee.


Jake in the sink for a bath. He's not too sure about this.


This is a detail of the first piece of art Glenn and I bought together. It's a large (2x3 foot) batik. Not sure how we're going to get it to the US, though!


Sammy loves oranges. I think he's going to turn into one.

Are you a leader...

or a follower?! In this case, following is good! Let me know if you're stopping by to see yet another picture of Jake or Sammy looking cute! You can let me know with the link to the right there, under my picture. Thanks!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


This is the first sunflower Sammy planted. It's only just bloomed. I'm glad it did as a lot of other stuff didn't. Our tomatoes were a total loss. But this was well worth the wait!


Obama? You bet!


This is the first time we tried Jake in the Babyhawk sling in the back carry position. He went right to sleep! Now if I could just get my back to stop hurting, I could do this every day!


We live in the Eden Valley which is between the Pennines and the Lake District. This shot is looking towards the Pennines. It was taken on the way to the car boot sale. The band of white fluffy 'clouds' just above the trees is actually a bank of fog sitting amongst the mountains. You can see them over the fog. The water in the foreground is some low level flooding from all the rain we've had.


A very mucky car. The price you pay for living in a rural village.


Our Japanese Maple. We bought it in Somerset, took it to Devon, and I MADE Glenn find room to bring it here to Cumbria. It's in a heavy planter made from an old keg so not an easy feat. I hope if his folks move, they take it with them, too.


My Mom calls these cow Tootsie Rolls. I've been trying to take a picture of these with a blue sky for absolute years. So glad I finally got it!


Another round of new jammies for Jake. These are size 18 months. They fit fine except the legs are too long. So Granny cuts off the feet and will then hem them.


I'm going to miss our jade plant when we leave. We've had this for almost 7 years and somehow I haven't killed it!