Monday, 29 September 2008


This morning Sammy decided to experiment with banana hair gel and face lotion. Did you know that banana is really hard to get out of hair?


The Victoria Sponge had a bit of an accident on the way home from the village show.


This is the banner I've been working on for Sammy's bedroom wall since he was born! Yes, I'm a slacker and I have no excuse! Now I need to do one for Jake. Any bets on when that one will get done?!


Sleeping angel. If only he'd stay asleep when he's supposed to!


Jacob and George. So far Jake's not objecting to Sammy's hand-me-downs.


Sammy and Mommy feeding an apple to the horses in Dalston. Crikey! I need an image and body overhaul!


Still going... but not quite as many now (this is 3 to get Jake from 7 pm to 7 am and one for Sammy in the morning).


Yep, here's where I've decided the other missing pic should live. :P


Why is it that almost all the food I've photographed for this project ends up looking like poop or sick? This very suspect lump of brown-ness is actually a very delicious piece of Cowboy Cake.

I'm totally diggin' that Pioneer Woman these days. (note, she doesn't call it Cowboy Cake but I understand this recipe is called that and also Texas Sheet Cake)


A HaaHoo in our potted plant!


Today was a fun day for Sammy. In the morning while Mommy sorted and packed things, he hung out with Granny and Grandad. They showed him the collection of buttons Granny has. Much time was spent talking about what color they were, what you could make with them if you put them in lines, etc. Apparently Sammy also enjoyed stuffing them down his shirt. What Granny and Grandad didn't realize was that he was wearing a onesie. So when Mommy went to change him after a GIANT stinky poo, she found out where the buttons had gone. 3 survived. One didn't. Here he is enjoying a breeze after vigorous cleaning and here are the buttons we safely returned to Granny.


A confession: I've been really bad at keeping track of what I've photographed and when. The time stamp on my camera is wrong and I can't find the manual to fix it. So I have to either write down or remember when a took a certain picture. I just can't get organized enough to upload every day. Despite being positive I'd taken a pic a day for the last 2 weeks, it would seem I haven't. And as our days have been good, but uneventful, I can't be sure what pic goes with what day now! So, I'm missing 2 days since the 16th of September and I can't promise you that I actually took said picture on said say. Which is why I've stopped posting dates.

Anyway, I'll try to be a bit more organized from now on.


Daddy's boys.


Up close and personal with my blue-eyed boy.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008



This is Tessa's cupboard after a grocery delivery. She says she didn't realize how many sweets she'd ordered but I think this is a fair representation. Yes, there are SIX packages of cake, TEN packets of biscuits (cookies), a box of scones, and a bar of chocolate. What you can't see is on the counter another tupperware box of biscuits with 2 new packs in it, and another pack of scones. She gets a food delivery every two weeks and I can guarantee you all that will be left will be crumbs of digestives and rich tea biscuits. I don't understand why my in-laws aren't as big as houses. And I'm amazed I've only put on a few pounds since living here. So far....


OK, if you haven't received a critter yet, don't look!!

This is the fish I made for the aforementioned critter swap. Tessa helped me a lot, but the design is all mine. I hope my critter-getter likes it!


Checked shirts and overalls - getting in touch with their country roots!


Having a chat.


This is Cornelia, the Cornish cow I received in a home-made critter swap I took part in. I think she's enjoying her new Cumbria home!


Apparently Laddie enjoys the baby gym as much as Jake does!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Sammy being bribed to be good with a cow cookies on the long car journey back to Cumbria.


Another rare shot of Mommy! Here we are in London. We've just offcially registerd Jacob with the American Embassy. He's got his birth abroad certificate and his US passport will arrive soon. Thanks to Aunty Robin for her help with all this!!


Rooney can roll over now!!


Today we went to World of Country Life in Exmouth. Of all the things Sammy could have been fascinated by (animals, bouncy castles, soft play areas, trikes, tractors), he found a big ol' puddle. He's such a cutie!


Pic to be posted shortly!


Jake in his makeshift bed at our friends in Exeter. We have a lot of bad habits to break in the next few months - starting with getting him to sleep in his own bed away from Mommy!


Ooops again. I dunno what happened. I thought I'd taken a pic but can't find it now. :P


Glenn setting off on his long drive to Exeter. We'll join him later in the week.


They finally cut the hay in the back field.


Daddy and Jake.


Oops. No pic today. :(


Taking a walk and showing off the outfit Daddy chose!


It's fun to drape spaghetti in your hair!


Chillin' in the bumbo - his thighs are almost too fat for it!


Sammy is starting to realize that Jake may actually be able to play with him soon!


Glenn picking up his train tickets the night before he had to go to Exeter to make an emergency microscope swap - 10 days before we had to be there anyway!


Yes, I made home made Oreos. Sometimes you just have to satisfy a craving.


Nap time.


Bramble just loves the bathroom sink.


Jake sporting his new jeans and long sleeved onesie.