Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Dear friends and family (actually, this is for those of you Stateside for the most part!)... I work hard to keep this web site and my other blog updated. It ain't easy with all I have to do. But I am constantly hearing that you want to know how we are and see pictures of the boys. But I never hear from you. Both my sites allow you to leave comments very easily. I don't expect novels. It would just be nice to know you came for a visit. Because right now, aside from the ability to show these to the kids when they are older, I'm not really seeing the point. Thanks.


Momcat said...

Keep up the good photography, C'ami Cat.

Victor said...

OK I guess I’ll leave some evidence of my viewing. Life has been a bit overwhelming lately w/lots of work responsibility now that I'm a manager. But that is not a good excuse for no communication. Great to see all the pics!